Blogmas 26: the day after

The 26th of December is usually my day. It’s the day after two Christmas parties with my family, so this is the day that I spend by myself. I sleep in, I enjoy a nice brunch and I look at all the gifts I got the day before and read all my Christmas cards. I spend the afternoon usually cleaning up and putting things away, eat leftovers for dinner and spend the evening on the sofa with a good movie (or two). Today I also took the time to gather all my Harry Potter advent calendar items and had some fun looking at them, identifying them and photographing them.

The calendar itself actually has a flap that drops down and gives you a beautiful backdrop of Hogwarts, including a tree and Hagrid’s hut.

As you can see, there was a version of the main three in their regular clothes. We see Hermione in jeans and a pink sweater, Ron with grey pants and a red Weasley sweater with the letter R and Harry in brown pants and a dark purple Weasley sweater with the letter H. We also get a mini-figurine of Draco in his Hogwarts robes.

There were also two ghosts: Nearly Headless Nick and Moaning Myrtle.

Both Fred and George were also included: dressed in beige pants and blue Weasley sweaters with their F and G on them.

We also got a round of Hogwarts teachers: Snape in his usual black robes, Dumbledore in a swanky purple/pinkish outfit, McGonagall in her typical dark green and black outfit with hat, Lupin in his brown suit and then oen person who I’m actually not sure who they are meant to be. Is this supposed to be Sirius? Or Harry’s father before he started wearing glasses? Since he is dressed in Hogwarts robes with Gryffindor details. I’ve been searching online trying to figure this out, and some also suggest it might be Neville Longbottom?

And then we get the gang again, but this time in their Hogwarts robes: there’s Harry, Ginny, Hermione and Ron. I’ve also added Hagrid here, and Harry’s owl Hedwig and Hermione’s cat Crookshanks.

The last 4 figurines not mentioned on the close-up pictures are first of all the Thestral, which is located on the front left of the big picture. Remember them? The black horses that you can only see if you’ve seen death? They pull the carts to Hogwarts and the gang uses them to fly to the Ministry in the Order of the Phoenix.

Then there’s also Luna, who I’ve apparently completely forgot to add to these overview pictures. Shame on me! This is what she looks like, including Spectrespecs and raddish earrings:

There’s also another version of Harry himself, the Dursley version, where his glasses are taped together and he is wearing Dudley’s oversized checkered shirt and keeping his pants up with a big belt. This figurine is on the main picture all the way on the top right, hanging above the ghosts.

And then there’s, of course, Dobby, who is standing next to Hedwig and just behind the Weasley twins. Can you spot him on the big picture?

I really love these little mini Funko Pops! Still need to figure out a way to display them, though. Or at least, display them in a way that my cat won’t be tempted to throw them on the ground all the time. Wish me luck with that!

Happy reading,

Loes M.

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