Blogmas 29: Shakespeare on stage

Are you counting down to the New Year yet? I’m not such a New Year’s person. I prefer cozy Christmas evening, having a nice meal with family and friends. Not much of a partier.

And as I’m sitting here in my pj’s in my rocking chair, I was scrolling through my pictures from these last few winter months. I just love this time of year! Christmas markets, cozy lights all over the city, hot cocoa, …

But then I also stumbled on these, quite monumental pictures! They are pictures of the first time I saw a Shakespeare play performed on stage.

It was a production of Shakespeare’s play Hamlet, staged by the Brussels Shakespeare Society. It was an English production that took place in the Jacques Franck theatre in Saint-Gilles. Directed by Sven Delariviere in November of 2018.

I had so much fun, watching one of Shakespeare’s plays live for the first time. And they put their own spin on it with a “Lady Hamlet” in the lead part. They also really ingeniously used the stage pieces. Almost every set piece could move about to switch from one setting to another. And they didn’t need to take long breaks in between, they usually made the scene switch part of the story. Very nicely done!

And thanks to my colleague and friend Pedro for accompanying me!

Happy reading,

Loes M.

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