Stripped Cover Lit – February 2019 Book News

I’ve been recently checking out some bookvlogs. I actually never connected the concepts of vlogging and books. How can you make a video of a written medium? Well, a lot of vloggers are actually doing it. I was getting a bit tired of reading about reading, so I switched to watching about reading. Some bookvloggers I’m checking out right now:

  • Katytastic – of what I’ve seen so far, it’s mostly YA content
  • Books and quills – she vlogs about a wide range of subjects, so not every vlog might be interesting to you but I love her calm and relaxed voice. I sometimes think many vloggers are a bit too hyped up and energetic and if you just want to learn about books and relax, it can be a bit much. I like this vlogger because she is perfect to listen to quietly in the background.
  • Between Chapters – she also handles a wide variety of genres. Her videos are nicely edited and feel clean and clear.

And I’ve also been watching the guys from Stripped Cover Lit, two guys who review books together. They also do some read-alongs and have good analyses of novels, short stories and some poetry here and there. Don’t be scared off by their very hyper and quick introduction, they do slow down after the intro and they are a joy to listen to. So far, they are the only male bookvloggers I’ve run into that I like. They do some really in-depth analyses and they aren’t too fangirly about new books they like. They also sometimes do book news videos, like this one from February:

I’m still very. new to the world of book vloggers and booktubers. Please share with me your favourites, so I can expand my knowledge and find new favourites! I’d love to hear from you guys.

Happy reading,

Loes M.

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