Quiz: Which John Green character are you?

I’ve read quite a few John Green books by now (though not all reviewed here), and I’ve got quite a good grip on his style, I think. For example, I’ve not read “The Fault in Our Stars” but when it was coming out in the movie theatres, I predicted the ending… I haven’t watched any of his movies because I’m not a fan of drama films. I’m not a big fan of drama books either, but since he is such a big name in YA novels, I can’t not read his books, you know? Anyway, today I found a quiz that will finally answer that age-old question: “Which John Green character are you?”

I like the idea of the quiz, but not really happy with the implementation. The first question is quite rude. And why is it always necessary to differentiate between guys and girls? I don’t identify with only female characters, and I’m sure it’s the same the other way round. Also, this would mean that I can only get into books with a big female character, and not when the main character is male? This quiz was oh so clearly made by a teenage girl, I could sense it in every question and every possible answer. Also, the questions are firstly based on who you look like and then move to who you think and act like. Two very different ways to answer the quiz’s question: which character you look like and which character you are like are not the same! (also, so many spelling mistakes – cringe)

  • What is your “beauty” or “build”?
    • Curvy, big boobs
    • Stocky, short and muscular (guys)
    • Short hair, junk in the trunk, but beautiful
    • EMO (guys)
    • Big curly hair, short (girls)
    • Big! Hell, I like to eat (guys)
    • Tall and nerdy
    • Brown hair, average figure
  • Style?
    • Flip flops, comfy and casual clothes
    • Whatever I want
    • Fashionable and stylish clothes
    • Anything black
    • Home-made band tshirts
    • Fashionable and stylish clothes
    • Casual
    • Anything I feel like, I like to experiment
  • If you see a little lost boy walking down the street, you…
    • Help him find his way home and offer him a cigarette
    • Tell him that it’s a good thing to stay away from his parents
    • Are eager to help him find his parents. A mini-adventure to spice up a boring afternoon.
    • Laugh and point… finally someone who is suffering too!
    • Help him find his way home while blasting your iPod for both of you to hear
    • Help him find his way and sing him some show tunes
    • Help him but try to dazzle him with your useless genius information
    • Help him and tell him some funny jokes to cheer him up
    • Take him to his parents – you know who they are because you know everyone in town
  • Life is…
    • A maze
    • A party
    • A mysterious quest
    • Boring and frustrating
    • Unpredictable
    • Full of situations for which there is a song
    • Wondrous, there is so much to learn
    • Fun
    • Too boring, let’s get out of this town
  • Favorite color?
    • Electric blue
    • Army green
    • Fiery orange
    • Black
    • Purple
    • Every colour in the rainbow
    • Whatever, I have no time for colours
    • Yellow, because it’s so fun
    • Well, it used to be black

And so apparently, I’m like Hassan: He is not the sharpest tool in the shed but he always listens to his friend’s problems! He’s goofy, hillarious, and will boost anyone’s mood! I had two answers that fit him, but also two answers that fit Colin Singleton (and then one each for Alaska Young and Jane). Strangely, both of my top answers are from “An Abundance of Katherines” which is one of the first John Green books I’ve read.

What were your results? Do you agree with them or not? Let me know in the comments!

Happy reading,

Loes M.

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