Cats, the musical

Oh my god! I just went to see Cats, the musical! And not a local translated version, the real West End one!

My friend saw an advertisement online about two weeks in advance and there were still some (quite expensive) seats left, so we immediately booked ourselves in! The seats were indeed quite expensive, but also conveniently located on the side of a row, right by the middle lane so we had an amazing view.

I mean, just look at that stage! And this was before they had even begun. I had never seen the musical, but I did know some of the music from playing it in orchestras myself. I believe we have a DVD version of it at home, and I put it on years ago but I remember thinking it was weird and switching it off quite quickly. But watching it live, I mean, it’s incomparable! I’m so happy I went to see it! Thanks Sofie!

I got literal goosebumps and tears in my eyes when Grizabella sings “Memory” a final time at the end. The song comes up twice before, in smaller pieces, and I was just waiting for that final, showstopper time. And it was beyond my expectations. I mean, words can’t describe, specifically as of 3:07 here:

If they ever come near Belgium again, I’m definitely going to see it! I do think Cats is a musical that doesn’t show well on television. You need to be inside it, to really experience it all. Also, the cast really does use the entire room: they come from the back, from the side, from the front, from within the audience, … You have to be there to get the full experience.

This is definitely one of my favourite musicals now! I understand why it’s one of the longest running shows ever. Just magnificent!

Happy reading,

Loes M.

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