Claimed By Her Billionaire Protector – Robyn Donald

She is a librarian with a degree in history who moved home to the family farm to support her mother after her stepfather died and works parttime in a flower shop and writes historic brochures. He comes from a broken home and is looking to put down some roots in his father’s home country. But he is seen as the big city boy, buying up just another farm and firing the local folk. But of course, there is more going on under the surface of Robyn Donald‘s Claimed by Her Billionaire Protector. Which is also evidenced by the blurb:

“You shouldn’t be alone tonight.”

But accepting his offer leads to sinful temptation…

Elana Grange is primed to dislike Niko Radcliffe—the tycoon’s arrogant reputation precedes him!—so she’s not prepared for the heart-stopping, charismatic reality. Their intense chemistry sends shock waves through her, especially when she’s forced to accept his help. Elana knows she’ll find only ecstasy in Niko’s arms, but letting him close feels so very dangerous…

Because even though Niko is an out-of-town millionaire who bought up a ranch, he is trying to do good. His mom is a princess who fell in love with a rancher. After a few years of happiness together, she got too lonely and homesick, and took her son back to the small kingdom she came from. And Niko has never felt at home. Coming back here is like trying to find his home again. He bought a struggling ranch that was surging towards bankruptcy and he fired the manager because he was skimming money as well. What he wants, is to restore the ranch to its former glory and make it work again.

In the meantime we have Elana, who’s birth father was abusive towards her mother and her. So obviously, she is scarred. But at least her stepfather was a really good guy, both to her mother and her. But then he died in a car accident, leaving her mother in a wheelchair. And a few years later, her mother died as well. So Elana has a difficult past, and she’s not very trusting of men. On top of that, her little farmhouse isn’t doing very well and she doesn’t have the funds to maintain it properly. But she really wants to keep it, since that is the house where her mother and stepfather were actually happy.

There is an instant attraction between the two, though both are fighting it. What I liked about this novel is that it’s not very sex-focussed. Yes, there is a lot of sexual tension and immediate attraction. But they aren’t jumping into bed immediately and only figuring out their emotions later. They let their relation grow, they get to know each other, and only then do they give in to the temptation. And that temptation isn’t described in graphic detail either. It’s much more of a love story than an erotic novel. Which is a good change of pace once in a while. Because those super graphic novels that are more about the sex or that just create emotions based on a few sex-sessions are really a bit too far for me. Way too unbelievable. This novel focusses on the people and lets the relationship progress naturally. And there is still enough attraction causing some confused emotions and speeding up the process.

But I’d love to hear what you thought! How did you feel about these two people and their slowly budding romance? Let me know in the comments!

Happy reading,

Loes M.

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