Crazy Harry Potter fan theories

We Potterheads are a fierce fandom and we have produced more fanfic and theories than books have been sold – I’d wager. So I thought I would look into some of the craziest and most interesting Harry Potter fan theories out there.

Ron Weasley is Dumbledore

It’s a theory that has been around for years and it’s quite farfetched, namelijk that Dumbledore is actually an adult Ron Weasley gone back in time. They are a bit similar, with the same red hair, long nose and fondness for sweets. You can find the full list here. The fact that he’s gone back in time would prove why he is so smart and wise. Though Rowling debunked this theory herself back in 2005: “These theories open up exhilarating new vistas of possibility… but they’re wrong. Could it be that by speculating that Harry/Ron becomes Dumbledore, you are seeking reassurance that neither dies young?” This is a new one for me, and I don’t believe in it myself.

Neville was using the wrong wand

Now this is actually a theory I’ve heard before, and I don’t think it’s that farfetched. It’s repeated throughout the books that “the wand chooses the wizard”. We also learn that Neville is actually using his father’s wand, in honour of him, for the first few books. But then it gets broken in a fight with Death Eater Dolohov, and Neville had to get his own wand. After that, his magical prowess increases tremendously and he becomes a quite powerful wizard, finally having his own wand and reaching his full potential.

Dumbledore is death

I have also heard this theory before, and I get where it comes from but I don’t believe in it, myself. Remember the tale of the three brothers? Fans have noticed the similarities between the three brothers and Harry, Snape and Voldemort. Voldemort being the first brother, lusting for power, with the wand. The second brother would be Snape, wanting his lost love back, with the stone. And Harry being the youngest, with the cloak. The one who greets death as an old friend, which is what he does with Dumbledore after he’s died. Dumbledore possessed all three Hallows at a certain point, and he is responsible for all three people dying, though indirectly.

Harry and Sirius are related

Another new theory for me: that Harry and Sirius are related by blood. We don’t know much about Harry’s parents, except that James was pureblood and that his parents were wealthy and had him late in life. So this theory states that Charlus Potter, married to Dorea Black, might actually be James Potter’s parents and therefore Harry’s grandparents. The other possibility is that Charlus and Dorea’s son might have been James’s father, so they would be Harry’s great-grandparents then. This would not only mean that Harry and Sirius are related, but he would also be related to the Weasley’s and to Tonks, Bellatrix Lestrage and even Draco Malfoy.

Immortal Harry

I’ve actually already talked about this theory: the alternate ending. The prophecy that says “either must die at the hand of the other, for neither can live while the other survives” and this theory posits that it that Harry and Voldemort can only die at the hand of the other. So when one of them is dead, the other cannot die and is immortal.

Lockhart was hired as a joke

We know that Dumbledore does possess a great sense of humour and nobody can consider Lockhart an even somewhat capable teacher. So fans concluded it must have been done as a joke. But that doesn’t seem very responsible of him, and Rowling has explained this theory away here. It says that Dumbledore knew Lockhart was a fraud because he knew two of the wizards that Lockhart defrauded. So he hired him to have Lockhart show his true colours and trip over his own feet.

Crookshanks is half-kneazle

Hermione’s cat Crookshanks is often described as an ugly but abnormally smart cat. And many fans have theorised for years that Crookshanks might be half-kneazle, which is a breed of highly intelligent magical feline with a tale like a lion. And Rowling actually confirmed this when the first Fantastic Beasts movie was released.

Do you have more theories? Please share them with me in the comments!

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