Vans shoes meet Harry Potter

OMG! Did you see this! As of today, the Harry Potter shoe and accessories collection by Vans is for sale! They have one pair for every house:

I’m actually not that crazy about the Hufflepuff shoes, though. I think the best suited to their House are actually the Slytherin pairs. I love the faux-snake leather, the colours and the little snakey details. There’s also a Golden Snitch sneaker, a Daily Prophet sneaker, a range of Dark Arts shoes and accompanying hats, socks and backpacks. But my favourite where definitely the slip-on Marauder Map Vans:

And yes, I ordered myself a pair. Can’t wait for them to arrive! I do hope they fit, I’ve never worn Vans before, so I’m not sure if those slip-ons are my size. I have quite small but broad feet.

Will you be ordering something from the Vans collection? I’d love to see pictures and hear about your experiences!

Happy Harry Pottering,

Loes M.

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