The first story I ever wrote

I don’t remember exactly how all this came about. But I do vividly remember the Saturday morning when I was about eight years old. My father took me to a stationary store for me to pick out a notebook to write in. And of course, I almost immediately started writing my first ever story.

At the time, the most popular girl’s name was Caroline (at least in our house) and all of our dolls were named so. For some reason however, I decided to add an H to the name, so my main character was called Charoline. I also want to add that I have two sisters, but still, this is a story about an only child wanting siblings. Don’t really know where that came from. But there you go.

Also, midway through writing, I decided that my story needed pictures. Not sure if I wanted it to become a storybook, but it definitely needed pictures. Which I decided to draw myself. Even though I’m not at all artistically inclined and can’t draw for cr*p. I never could draw and I still can’t.

Please don’t judge me too harshly! And enjoy the read.

Chapter 1

Charoline really wanted a little sister or brother. Every day, she asked her mother: “Will I get a little sister or brother?” Mom replied every time, “yes, maybe.” One day, a nurse rang the doorbell. She asked Charoline’s mother a very important question. And a few days later, Charoline’s mother was picked up with an ambulance. Now, Charoline was alone at home with her father. Until two months later, Mom returned. But not only. Oh no. Mom brought young twins along. A boy and a girl. Charoline’s wish had come true.

Chapter 2

Charoline was allowed to choose the names. Her sister is called Jolene and her brother is Johnny. Charoline is also allowed to help giving the bottle.

Charoline thinks the babies are very beautiful. Johnny and Jolene are good eaters, Mom always says. Johnny’s first noises were babbling sounds. The same for Jolene.

Chapter 3

Charoline told the entire class. Many of them came by to congratulate them. And they also brought gifts. Johnny and Jolene celebrated their second birthday. Jolene got a doll. Johnny got a box of magic tricks. They went to school. They liked it and were taught to draw and they even learned to read and write a little. They went to first grade, then second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth grade. By now, Charoline was in her second year of university: nursing school. “It’s time for another vacation,” thought Johnny, Jolene and Charoline’s father and mother. They are going to Spain.

The end.

Loes M.

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