A Harry Potter TV show? Yes please!

Rumours have been floating around that Warner Bros is working on a Harry Potter tv show. The media coverage says:

Apparently, Warner Bros. is in the very early stages of developing a Harry Potter TV show for their upcoming streaming service. From what we understand, this will be a prequel and take place mostly at Hogwarts and around parts of Europe. Plot details are being kept under lock and key, but so far, it’s expected to feature all new characters, with the only connections to the property being that it’s set in the same universe as the books were. Unfortunately, that’s all we’ve got to go on for now and given how early on it is in the development process, we don’t imagine we’ll hear anything concrete for quite some time.

Source: wegotthiscovered.com

When I read it, I was immediately ecstatic. We can never have enough Harry Potter content! Rumours have been swirling about this for years, from more movies with the same actors, to TV shows about the Marauders or Harry’s youth, … Everything has passed through. And always, J.K. Rowling has denied it. She even outright denied a TV show ever being made back in 2015 on Twitter:

But recently, the news item by wegotthiscovered.com started the whole mill back up again. However, after some Googlin, I only found a few sources talking about this. And all of them referred back to the original website. So either that website is the only one with this big scoop OR it’s a hoax and they are making something up. I’m leaning towards the second since I’ve found no other news source even willing to reshare the story. So I’m guessing they are either still fact-checking, or they have already decided it’s fake news.

Too bad though, because I would binge the crap out of a Harry Potter TV-show! (which I’m currently doing with Schitt’s Creek – 4 whole seasons in 4 days) So how do you feel about the possibility of a Harry Potter TV-show? I’ve already seen plenty of fan requests and possible castings pass through my Pinterest feed, all more amazing than the next!

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