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I’ve finally discovered Lootcrate, the “geek subscription box for gamers & nerds” as they describe themselves. They have a Harry Potter version of a bi-monthly lootcrate, which I have just ordered for the first time. So here below, I will present you my very first Wizarding World Lootcrate unboxing. Let’s dive right in! This is how I received the box:

It was even decorated on the inside, look how lovely:

The first thing I saw, was this T-shirt of the mandrake, which warns you to wear protective ear-muffs. The text next to the actual mandrake root is handwritten but so slanted that it’s unreadable. It’s very comfortable though, and I love wearing it around the house or to go to sleep.

Then I found this little black box, which revealed a “violently purple” (wink, wink, if you know what I’m talking about – tag me in the comments!) handkerchief with a beautiful astronomical design and 4 bowtruckles.

Next up, these boxes also always contain a pin. This time it’s a dark green pin of a kelpie, see below:

The box also contained a quite big Herbology 101 tapestry:

Then there were these lovely magnets of dirigible plums, which are currently decorating my freezer:

And finally, there is always a letter included that details all the items again:

Loved my first box, can’t wait for the second one, which should come in about two months and it’s supposed to be about “Quidditch Through The Ages”, very exciting!

Have you every ordered some kind of wizarding box like this? If you did, let me know your experience with them, I’d love to know!

Happy unboxing,

Loes M.

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