31 things to do in August besides reading

Just like I did in July, I’ve managed to scrounge up 31 things to do over your summer break besides reading. I’ve scoured the internet, talked to friends and strangers, read books (I know, ironic), Googled and even asked Jeeves. But I got there!

So if you are sick of reading, or if the sun is shining too brightly making it hard for you to see the letters on the pages, here are some other things you could be doing to have some fun.

  1. Build a sandcastle.
  2. Organise a petanque evening with friends and don’t forget the bottle of Ricard.
  3. Go to a drive-in cinema or install one of your own in your garden.
  4. Walk through every sprinkler system you encounter every day? With your clothes on.
  5. Surprise someone. With anything.
  6. Go fishing. If you can’t because of all the materials, then buy fish sticks.
  7. Google or Facebook your exes. And smile!
  8. Buy a kiddie pool and sit in it. Even if the water doesn’t reach higher than your ankles.
  9. Garden, even if it just means picking flowers by the side of the road.
  10. Make a home video.
  11. Play tag, play with Lego or draw a picture. Be a child for a day!
  12. Go to a water park, jump of the highest springboard and go down the longest slide.
  13. Do a movie marathon. Best done on a rainy day.
  14. Read a book you normally wouldn’t read.
  15. Lay down on your back and look at the clouds. Find sheep, Disney characters or obscene objects, whatever you can find.
  16. Make your own jeans shorts from an old pair of pants.
  17. Play truth or dare with your friends. And be honest when choosing truth!
  18. Go have a sleepover with someone.
  19. Eat Japanese and use only the chopsticks.
  20. Do something that scares you. Like touch a spider or challenge your fear of heights.
  21. Eat everything you want, and as much as you want.
  22. Go sit in someone’s neck during a concert and throw your arms in the air.
  23. Go to a festival or a concert. Plenty of choice!
  24. Buy yourself flowers.
  25. Work out if you never do it. Or don’t work out for a day if you do it all the time.
  26. Find someone who owns a convertible and go for a ride. And don’t forget the big sunglasses and the scarf on your head.
  27. Hug everyone you meat. At least everyone you know.
  28. Do everything you don’t want to do. Get gas, pay your bills, clean, …
  29. Do something on your own.
  30. Go stage diving at a festival.
  31. Do a good deed. Like doing grocers for elderly people or adopting an animal from the shelter.

And yes, I cheated. I did sneak one little book-related thing in this list!

Happy reading,

Loes M.

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