Open Book Days 2019

Every year, a Belgian chain of book shops called “Standaard Boekhandel” organises the Open Book Days for a weekend in October. I didn’t actually know about this beforehand, but as I walked past my local book shop this weekend, I noticed the advertising for it, so I decided to walk in.

It was quite hard to miss, on this somber October Saturday:

And as soon as I walked in, I was greeted by snacks and sandwiches, and the shopkeeper was walking around handing out glasses of champagne!

I spent about an hour browsing around, which I just love to do in bookshops! I don’t like sauntering through clothes shops and shoe shopping takes me even less time. But I do love browsing the book shelves, searching for new gems I haven’t read yet. I am often tempted by beautiful covers, even though I know we shouldn’t judge them by it. But having a beautiful cover to display on your book case, just makes sense, doesn’t it?

But the thing that really caught my eye this time, was this beautiful display of notebooks, notepads, calendars and journals:

Love these pastel colours with the whimsical designs. I managed to refrain myself though! I already have more notebooks at home that I would even be able to fill in a year or two. I spent some time collecting them, but I vowed to first actually write in them, before I start buying more. It does feel so good to have a notebook that is completely full! I currently have one of those, and it’s filled with the most random and important things. I love leafing through them and remembering those ordinary and extraordinary times of my life. That’s what these are for me, a collection of memories.

Happy reading,

Loes M.

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