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It’s Friday the 13th and Christmas is approaching. That makes me think of two things: bad luck and gifts. I love giving gifts, and I try to really buy personalised gifts and spend effort and thought on it to make sure it’s the right gift for the right person. In fact, a friend of mine and I always exchange gift bags, since we don’t see each other often so when we do see each other we have Christmas and birthday gifts at the same time. Now, preparing for all of this takes quite a lot of time. And I am quite distracted often, only remembering I have a party or am seeing someone until the last minute. And sometimes that forces me to buy a crappy gift.

But I have found a solution for that: I buy gifts beforehand now. So much so, actually, that I have an entire cupboard filled with fun items and toys that I can grab whenever I need them. For example, I have quite a few gifts for my nieces in my cupboard at the moment. When I find something I think they might like, I buy it then and there, to give to them at a later point. I also have some fun gifts that they are still too young for, for example, so I will keep them for a year or two before giving them. It really helps me during the Christmas period! Not only do I always have a few things at hand, it also helps to spread the costs.

Some of the things in my cupboard are meant for specific people, and some things are more general and will be used for the next person who I think might like them. Here below, I will be going through some of the items I have in my cupboard of gifts at the moment!

How do you guys avoid last minute gift shopping stress? Let me know in the comments! And if you are looking for a gift for your bookish, harry potter-loving friend, check this out:

Happy gifting,

Loes M.

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