Wizarding World Lootcrate – Lumos and nox

First things first: oh my god these boxes are always so late! At the moment, I’ve already paid for three that I haven’t received yet. They’re supposed to come every two months, but they are always so behind schedule. And I can understand a few weeks delay since I live in Europe, but six months? Come on! Anyway, finally got my “Lumos and nox” lootcrate box. So let’s open it right up!

Lumos and nox lootcrate

The little box on the right contains a heavy paperweight with a quote by Dumbledore: “Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.” I currently have it on my desk, on top of my bills and important documents that I need to take care of. Each box also always contains a pin, usually of a magical beast, which was an Occamy pin for this occasion.

Harry Potter paperweightOccamy pin

This Wizarding World lootcrate box also contained a reversible pencil case. A red and white “Order of the Phoenix” outside with a dark green “Dark Mark” inside. It’s a very sturdy pencil case.

And last but not least, the “Lumos and nox” Wizarding World lootcrate also contains a black notebook featuring a black Deathly Hallows logo with a white Elder Wand. The pages inside are all black, therefore it comes with a pen with white ink to make your text clear.

Black notebook magic

And this box’s shirt is a black cotton shirt with (in my case) the Hufflepuff H, a badger and the words dedication, patience and loyalty.

Hufflepuff shirt

I like the contents of this box! The shirt is very cool and not too obviously Harry Potter, which is perfect for my mission to secretly integrate Harry Potter into the lives of those around me. The paperweight also really comes in handy and has a beautiful message! The pin has been added on my Harry Potter robe and the pen case contains my other Harry Potter pens and pencils.

Happy unboxing,

Loes M.

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