Poetry: Books – Helen H. Moore

Helen H. Moore is the pen-name of Helen O’Reilly. Under this pen-name she has published memoirs, children’s novels and poetry. Under her real last name O’Reilly, she writes adult novels. Besides being an author, she’s also a teacher, a journalist, a cartoonist, a speaker and a book editor in Las Vegas.

Her best-selling poetry volume A Poem a Day was designed to be used in class. Teaching about counting, colours, telling time, animals, adjectives, rhyming, friendship and more will become easy with this poem a day handbook. Below you can find one of my favourite poems by her.

By Helen H. Moore

If you read a few, then you’ll know it’s true:
Books are good for you!
Chefs read cook books,
Pirates? “Hook” books!
Little kids read lift-and-look books!
We read books of poems and prose –
Some of these and some of those.
Read some too, and you’ll agree,
Books are good for you and me!

Happy reading,

Loes M.

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