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So I just cancelled my Lootcrate subscription since I was in the same situation of having paid for 3 boxes that hadn’t arrived yet. I understand delays or whatever, but a 6 month delay is quite ridiculous! Also, making me pay for 2 more boxes when the first hasn’t arrived yet shows absolutely no customer friendliness. And I completely understand delays right now due to the whole Covid19 situation, but even before they were experiencing problems. I contacted customer service when I had been paying for 6 months and had only received one box to see what was going on. And they basically told me that my boxes had been shipped months ago, but they clearly did not arrive. So they resend me the last two boxes and told me the rest was delayed. Like, really? Also, I’ve received at least two boxes now with items missing that would be sent later, but I never received anything afterwards… So I cancelled my subscription and I’m curious to see how long it will take them to send me the two final boxes that I’ve already paid for. I really like the boxes, but the delays are ridiculous. And I also heard that the company went under financially (because of delivery issues), but then later I heard they had been bought out. So that situation also doesn’t instil me with much confidence.

Anyhew, on to this month’s box! I get a suspicious feeling it’s themed to the Weasley twins. Just look at it!

I took a bit of a close-up photo of the inside of the box, so you could read about this week’s specials apparently:

And the first thing I took out of the box is the purple shirt on top. It features the logo of the Weasley twins’ shop and also says “Weasley’s”. I at first wasn’t sure about that purple and orange combination, but I think it turned out pretty well! It’s one of my new favourite “lounge about the house” shirts. By the way, also loved the little detail in the accompanying letter that explains every item: “Shop ’til you drop at Diagon Alley’s premier joke shop! (Pygmy Puff not included.)” How cute is that?!

And then there is this gorgeous black fanny pack (slide the picture for details). It seems to be made of a quite sturdy and quality fabric. It features our favourite magical animal the Niffler. And I love the detail of how the zipper is actually a golden Galleon. I don’t really use fanny packs much, but I might have to take up the habit, because this is a gorgeous one!

So the theme might, after all, not be too Weasley-based. It’s about magical mischief in general, because the Niffler is definitely one of the more mischievous fantastic beasts. Because the pin in this box, is also of the Niffler. And it’s a really gorgeous one! Fine details and very good quality.

Then next up, this was a bit of a surprise: a beautiful glass vial with what seems like blue glitter inside. Reading the label, the glitter are actually Cornish Pixies. Remember back in the second Harry Potter novel/movie? When professor Gilderoy Lockhart released blue Cornish Pixies during DADA classroom and a few of them picked up Neville by his ears and hung him from the chandelier?

Then there is a bookmark, which is really cute and useful! Now that I think about it, it’s quite surprising that this is my fourth box and it’s only the first bookmark. Anyway, it’s absolutely adorable! It’s this tiny little sock that says “Dobby is Free”, obviously referring to Harry’s sock that freed Dobby the House-Elf. It’s a very thin material, so it will fit (and stay) inside your book easily. I really loved this! And also, the drawing it came with was very well done. Though Dobby’s knees and feet kind of freak me out here.

And then we have one final item, which is immediately recognisable but unfortunately not very easy to use. It’s a little coin pouch made up like The Monster Book of Monsters that Hagrid uses in his class. however, opening and closing the zipper is not easy with that monster hair overlapping the zipper. So I won’t be using this one because it would just ruin the overlapping brown felt. Cute though!

Monster book of Monsters

Happy unboxing,

Loes M.

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