Wizarding World Lootcrate – Spells & Charms

In my last Lootcrate post, I just cancelled my subscription because delays were getting ridiculous. I had two more boxes bought and paid for, but not yet received, at that point. And guess what? They arrived on the same day now! I’ll start with the first one today: Spells & Charms. Which sounds like a good subject for a box, I’m excited to see where they go with this. The inside of the box has this beautiful greenish-blue pattern. Each bubble contains the name of a spell and its corresponding wand move. So original!

Wizarding World lootcrate spells and charms

The first thing you see in the box is this set of travel pouches. The transparant one has an R on it, for the Revelio spell. And inside is a smaller bag, in the style of your Hogwarts house. So for me, it’s obviously a yellow/golden bag with a badger on it. I will definitely be able to use these for when I travel! And the quality seems pretty good.

Then there is this yellow candle tin – again adapted to your chosen house. It’s hard to describe the scent… It’s a bit like vanilla, but not so heavy and there is some lightness, maybe even tartness to it. Smells great!

Hogwarts House CandleHufflepuff candle

And now we actually have an item from the previous “Lumos and nox” box. This is the glow in the dark keychain that Lootcrate was not able to include last time, so it came in my box this time. It’s a house ghost charm that glows in the dark. I’m not 100% sure, but I guess mine is supposed to be the Fat Friar? In the light, it’s not very recognisable. I should try it in the dark later tonight!

House Ghost charmHouse Ghost charm

Moving on now to this little box that says “Obliviate”. Inside is a small, white wand. I didn’t know what to expect, until I took it out of its box. It’s quite flexible and obviously an eraser. And now “Obliviate” makes sense as well.

Eraser wand

And now we move on to the pin which is included every time. It’s still continuing on in the Fantastic Beasts theme. This time: a unicorn. I like the detailing and the quality. I’ll add it to my robes in a bit!

Unicorn pin

And then there’s another fun little item: a set of Harry Potter-themed washi tape. So cool, this is definitely a first (at least for me). So one roll has your house crest, the other is shows all the characters in cartoon styles and the third one says “Reparo”, the spell to repair anything you want.

Harry Potter washi tape

And now we’ve come to the last item, which disappointed me a bit. It’s a small photo frame with the doe patronus of Lilly Potter (no, I will not mention fuckboy S**** here), and the Expecto Patronum spell. The sides are made to look like branches from a tree. But the quality of the frame is pretty poor, I’m actually afraid to put a picture in it and put it on a shelf. It seems like it will break easily, and I’m used to better from Lootcrate.

Patronus photo framePatronus frame

Happy unboxing,

Loes M.

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