Wizarding World Lootcrate – The Triwizard Tournament

I’ve now also received my last Lootcrate box. This time the theme is: The Triwizard Tournament. My Harry Potter collection actually doesn’t contain any Beauxbatons or Durmstrang items, so I’m excited to see what I get! Also, notice the little Goblet of Fire detail on the sticker? Love it!

This box does contain a T-shirt again, like all of the boxes except for one. It’s a nice black T-shirt, with a Hogwarts crest on the left breast and a giant yellow stripe on the right. I’ll add an overview of the entire box later, so you can see what the other houses got. I’m not really sure I understand the purpose of the stripe? I mean, I know it’s to show house colours, but the stripe strikes me as a bit awkward. As if you ran into a paintbrush or something. Anyhew, another cotton shirt of good quality that I’ll enjoy wearing around the house (and sometimes secretly outside, under a sweater).

Then there is this plastic bag. I’m not sure how to describe this in English, but it’s a bag made of a plastic material (so it’s waterproof) with strings so you can wear it as a backpack and close it with the strings. I used to have these kinds of bags when I was a child, which would contain my swim gear when I went to swim class or if we went swimming with school. It will actually come in handy, I can use it to store my wet walking shoes when I change back into normal shoes for the ride back home after a hike. It represents the Golden Eggs from the second Triwizard Tournament challenge and the bag is even slightly egg-shaped. And the pattern is quite unobtrusive, so not-fans won’t really get the reference.

Then, continuing the swimming theme, there is also a long towel included. It is a depiction of the window in the Prefects’ bathroom, showing the merpeople in their underwater environment of the Great Lake. It’s quite soft and large, so perfect for at the beach!

And then we get to the first (and only) item that actually features Durmstrang and Beauxbatons. I was a bit upset there weren’t any other items of the other schools. But this set of small banners (or officially pennants according to the explanatory letter) is quite cute! One for each school. I don’t see an immediate use for them… But they are well made. I’ll remember to hang them at my next Harry Potter-themed party or event.

And then finally, there is no pin this time. But instead, there is this set of Triwizard buttons. Remember the ones that Malfoy makes to annoy Harry Potter during the tournament? Well, here they are!

It was quite difficult to get good pictures of everything, as some items were quite big. So here’s an overview from the explanatory letter of all the items:

Happy unboxing,

Loes M.

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