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The High Note (2020)

As COVID-restrictions are being reduced, movie theatres are opening up again in Belgium. And since earlier this year, I got a few movie tickets for my birthday, I decided to go! There aren’t too many new movies playing currently, I think half of the rooms are actually playing old movies or movies that were released one to two years ago. One of the few new releases was: The High Note, with Dakota Johnson and Tracee Ellis Ross in the lead roles.

The Plot

The plot of “The High Note” is actually pretty basic: it revolves around a young, plucky assistant to a famous singer who wants to become a music producer. So young Maggie has been working as the personal assistant of famous R&B singer Grace Davis. She tries to get involved as a music producer with Grace but her team doesn’t think she’s ready for it. Grace, on her side, is struggling with being a black woman over 40 trying to keep her career going and not just retire to Las Vegas and only do greatest hits. Then Maggie meets a young, handsome guy with a great voice and decides to become his producer, juggling both jobs – with not the best results. And that’s where I’ll stop explaining the plot, the rest is for you to discover!

A little big of background

The screenplay for “The High Note” dates from 2018, but it wasn’t until February 2019 that a director was attached to the project. In May 2019, the main actors were cast right before principal photography began in Los Angeles. It wasn’t until February 2020 that the actual title was chosen, as it was known as “Covers” before. The theatrical release was scheduled for early May but cancelled due to the Corona crisis. The movie’s soundtrack was released in May 2020 and at the end of that month, the movie came out in select theaters and through video on demand.

What surprised me


Not sure if the movie is for you or not? Check out the official trailer here!

And if you want to see more, or want to rewatch the music from “The High Note”, be sure to check out these clips:

Happy watching,

Loes M.

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