Good Girl Complex – Elle Kennedy

Let’s meet our male hero, bad boy Cooper:

“I’m up to my eyeballs in Jägerbombs. Yesterday, I was married to the blender, pumping out pina coladas and strawberry daiquiris like sweatshop labor. Tonight, it’s vodka Red Bulls and Fireballs. And don’t forgeet the rosé. These dipshits and their rosé. They’re all slammed against the bar, wall-to-wall pastel linen shirts and three-hundred-dollar haircuts, shouting drink orders at me. It’s too hot for this shit.”

And his love interest is rich people pleaser Mackenzie:

“Since leaving my parents’ house in Charleston this morning. I’ve had an itch int he back of my skull, and it only keeps growing more insistent, telling me to turn around. Take off. Run away. Join the proverbial circus and rage, rage against the dying of my gap year.
Now, as my taxi drives through the tunnel of bur oaks to Tally Hall on the Garnet College campus, a pure cold panic has set in. This is really happening.”

Elle Kennedy, Good Girl Complex

It is full of the typical cliches, like bad boy and rich princess falling in love, a revenge plot, a secret coming out, a girl rebelling against her parents, … But that is what we are expecting and secretly want when reading this type of book, right?

Because it’s also a coming of age story for Mackenzie who is finding herself and her purpose in life. And for Cooper, it’s about coming to terms with his past and figuring out how to move forward in life, how to make something of himself.

When they are happy, they are deliriously happy. And when it goes bad, it goes monumetally bad. And the happy ending is just right for the story. Loved it!

Looking for a fun summer read? Here you go!

Happy reading,

Loes M.

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