Jommeke 289: De Rondekoning

Two big things in Belgium: cycling and comic books. So naturally, the two meet. This comic book was first published in January of 2015. It is set in the usual Jommeke world, and centers on professional cycling in Belgium.

One of the two village idiots finds a second-hand bike. He rides it and is freakishly fast. He gets discovered by a cycling team and wins all the races for them. Then he needs to finish his season in the biggest cycling course in Belgium: The Tour de Flandres. One of his team mates isn’t too happy about being replaced by this new guy and tries to sabotage him by throwing his bicycle in the river. He starts the race on another bike and is riding horribly. But then his friend (the other village idiot) finds the bicycle, returns it to him and he starts riding very well again. Three riders finish at the same time, idiot number one, the jealous teammate and a third cyclist. And then it’s time for the twist: the bicycle was actually motorised by the eccentric professor so our village idiot is disqualified. And so is the jealous teammate for the attempted sabotage. The final winner is the third cyclist. All ends well in the end.

If you want to get a picture of two of Belgium’s finest export products, this is the comic book for you!

Happy reading,

Loes M.

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