The Magic Horse of Han Gan – Chen Jianghong

What a gorgeous children’s book! I have a Dutch version of this gorgeous Chinese picture book by Chen Jiang Hong. The story involves legendary painter Han Gan, who actually existed over 2000 years ago in China. Some of his paintings are still preserved today.

The Magic Horse of Han Gan

Han Gan used to paint on silk canvas. This book’s illustrations were made the same way, and then put into print. It makes for a truly gorgeous picture book, fit for all ages.

Around the painter, Chen created a legend. The legend of the magic horse. The book tells of the life of the painter, from a young child who loved to draw, to a student, to a master painter. He is then visited by a warlord looking for a horse to help him overpower his enemy. Han paints one and it actually comes to life. Read the book to find out what happens next!

Happy readling,

Loes M.

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