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I’m Loes M. and I love to read! I also love brunch, all things British and movie nights. On this blog you will find opinions on what I’ve read, posts about movie adaptations, interviews with authors, book news and the latest book releases. And some poetry, storytelling and literary quizzes sprinkled on top!

If you have a book for review, feel free to contact me at: loes@owlishbooks.com. All sponsored posts will be marked by the tag sponsored and/or giveaway. I also review on Goodreads and NetGalley.

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My Bio

I was born in 1990 and my parents dutifully read to me every night. My father managed to pass his love of reading on to me, as well as his preference for the fantasy genre. Every Saturday, before going to the Chiro (one of Belgium’s youth organisations), we would stop by the library which was only two doors down and I would load up on my habitual 7 to 10 books for the week. Since I grew up in a rather small town with an accordingly small library, I finished the children’s section by age 11. So I followed my father into the next room and discovered the adults’ section. The many different fantasy series captivated my attention completely, at which point I became known as a book-worm. Every spare moment I got, I had my nose in a book and you would have to come up to me and wave your hand in front of my face to get my attention (which greatly annoyed my mother). I went on to study languages and Film-, Theatre- and Literary sciences in university, followed by a masters in Professional Communication and I now write for a living.

Guest blogger

And now I’d love to introduce my very first guest blogger: Gia!
I met Gia in Antwerp while at university. We weren’t the best of friends right away, but as years went by we grew closer and closer. I now consider her one of my best friends and – more often than not – my partner in crime. What I love about her is the way that she will keep on fighting for herself and her happiness and never gives up. I love that she can get as excited as me about a book or movie and I appreciate her always being there for me with a hug and a word of advice when I need it. She is the perfect guest blogger to appear on my blog!

Gia’s bio

Born only a few months after Loes, in a small town way up north in Belgium, my literary education started quite differently. I’ve always loved learning; even as a young child my appetite for knowledge was endless, much to the annoyance of my mother. So naturally, when the time came to learn how to read, I was eager to go faster at it than the teachers could teach. Dutifully I learned word by word, and soon we began going to the library. Best discovery of my life. I had a penchant for anything magical, even then, or related to horses in any way. Lucky for me, our library was rather big and well stocked, and I never ran out of reading material. There wasn’t enough time in the day, so pretty soon I asked for a reading light to accommodate me becoming a librocubicularist. Enter the days my parents had to check up on me to see if I actually did go to sleep. Though I loved reading, I didn’t become addicted until my godfather gave me my first Harry Potter book. Reading got a whole new meaning, showing me other worlds to explore, and that was it. I was under the spell of books. I went through a really rough period in my late teens. Reading became an escape from my day-to-day life. Any spare moment, you’d find me with my nose in a book. The first thing I did after moving house, was checking out the library for more fuel.

I went on to study Literature on the recommendation of my high school teacher and mentor. Though his advice was great, the combination of said rough patch and being forced to read, took the fun out of it for a while. I dabbled with some fanfiction, but when writer’s block set in, and my reading waned, my literary quests were mostly put on hold. It’s only quite recently I’ve picked it all back up again. I’m so excited about rediscovering the joy of the written words, that I gladly took up Loes’ offer of joining Owlish Books. I gathered my reading preferences slightly vary from hers, and that will obviously be reflected in the new posts. I hope you love the more morbid side of the world as well as it’s magic!

As Loes said, we met during our years at University. The first thing I noticed about her, was this fun sort of little braid she had in her hair, combined with her warm, radiant personality. Though we had some memorable moments during our mutual time in Antwerp (we shall not talk about my 19th birthday), our friendship flourished mainly afterwards. We kept in touch, visited regularly, and started fawning over handsome celebrities and travel plans. I love her warm, kind and generous personality, balanced out nicely with a healthy dose of realism I seem to lack from time to time. She’s my partner in crime, and I’m looking forward to all the adventures we’ll be going on together as we grow old(er).


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