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Did you know that all seven Harry Potter books are also available on iBooks? Until recently, we could only buy them digitally on the Pottermore shop. But now you can also get them with iBooks, with exclusive custom covers and typography, to enjoy on all your Apple devices. The iBooks contain not only the full original text, but also interactive animations and elaborate artwork. And, if that is not enough… annotations by J. K. Rowling herself!

What does Rowling think about this? “I’m thrilled to see the Harry Potter books so beautifully realised on iBooks for the digital world; the artwork and animations in these enhanced editions bring the stories alive in a delightful new way.”

Side note: I wonder if Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, is a Harry Potter fan? In any case, he is (understandably so) happy that Apple scored exclusive rights to the franchise: “Harry Potter fans are going to love how their favorite stories come to life. J. K. Rowling’s legendary series is perfect for enjoying on your iPad or iPhone and we’re thrilled to offer them exclusively on the iBooks Store.”

And I have to say, I’m thrilled as well! I have an iPad mini, and I love it! Mind you, I still prefer to display my books… out and proud! I have two book cases full and several boxes still waiting to be unpacked. But I have to admit that an eReader comes in handy. Instead of carrying around heavy bags that contain several books (because you need choices, you never know what you’ll be in the mood for!), you just put this tiny little thing in your purse, and voila. Plenty of choice and no back problems ;).

I didn’t have any Harry Potter on my iPad just yet, so when I read about this, I immediately ran to the iBooks Store. I downloaded the first book (incidentally my favourite, as you can read here) and I fell in love with Harry Potter all over again and I’m not exaggerating. The new cover art and digital animations are the best!

All seven books are available in English in 32 countries, and in French, German and Spanish in another 18. Well, what are you waiting for? Go check it out! And let me know what you think in the comments.

Happy reading,

Loes M.

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