Harry Potter Bingo

Travel blogger and fellow Potterhead Kelsey from kelseyinlondon.com has created this fun Harry Potter Bingo template. So first, I’ll give you some time to read through the different Bingo items. And I’ve circled the ones I actually have done, creating 3 different Bingo lines, yes! Below the image, I’ll explain every item circled.

So obviously I’ve read all the books, seen all the movies and did a number of movie marathons. I also cried several times when characters died, especially Sirius’ death hit me hard. (Harry finally had a family, someone to make him feel like home – how dare you Rowling!) And of course, I wished for my own Hogwarts letter. I read the first book when I was eleven myself, so I was identifying and wishing hard!

Even though I circled that I’ve dressed up as Harry Potter characters for Halloween, it’s not quite true. We don’t really celebrate Halloween here, but I have dressed up as it before. And that is why I also own a bit of HP merch, including a wand, to complet the costume. And I’ve also worn my costume to Facts and Comic-Con (which I count as a HP fan convention), and that is where I met a few cast members so far: Tom Felton, Bonnie Wright and Evanna Lynch. And this year, I’m hoping for another Harry Potter actor to show up for FACTS, so I can continue down my list!

I have also read Quidditch Through the Ages, and the other shorts: Fantastic Beasts and the Tales of Beedle the Bard. And that was also about the time that I was really exploring everything around the world of just the books and the first movies at the time. I also signed up for the magical world of the original Pottermore and I immediately got sorted – ending up into Hufflepuff. I’m still on Pottermore and got resorted in the new version, where I ended up in Ravenclaw. But I’ll stick to my own Hufflepuff, thanks!

Now, HP fan fiction. I don’t really want to get into that… I still have nightmares. I did read a bit of HP fan fiction. Ended up with a few that looked promising but only a few chapters had been written for. And then I read one that is still seared into my brain and gives me chills. Basically, Harry and Hermione end up together. And somehow, Snape gets involved and it turns into this weird thruple. It’s quite sexually explicit and I had to quickly scroll through those scenes because I have a very imaginative and visual mind. *shivers* So they have children, not knowing who the father is, and Harry throws himself into being a father and taking care of the children – while Hermione is off at the ministry and Snape is off at school. Then, arguments break out and Snape tells Harry he is their biological father and basically throws Harry out of the house and forbids him contact with the children (I think Harry said yes when Snape and/or Hermione had said no). And then the children are miserable, Harry is miserable and Snape realises how much work Harry puts into their children and how much he loves them knowing they aren’t his (because I think he can’t have children because of all the fights with Voldemort or somesuch), so they make up and everything ends good and well in bed again. Yikes. It’s been over 10 years since I read that and I still remember it in quite vivid detail. *shivers*

So let’s quickly move on from that! I have circled the HP fan party, even though it hasn’t happened yet. But I’m planning to do my thirtieth birthday party in HP-theme. With sorting cupcakes, all my decorations in the room, the books and movies all around, and in my Harry Potter costume of course! Ah, and I’ll bring my Harry Potter trivia game! I bought it in London, the Trivial Pursuit version of Harry Potter.

Reading all of this, it’s quite obvious I have called myself a Potterhead. I’m sure if you search my blog, you’ll get at least a dozen mentions and articles where I’m calling myself a Potterhead. In fact, I have in this post, in the first line! And yes, I have eaten Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans. I’ve also had chocolate frogs (and own a few of the cards) and the flubberwurm things (they were not great).

And last but not least, Fantastic Beasts. Of course I have seen those movies! I love the continuation of the magical Wizarding world, while creating a whole new story in the same world we already love. And of course, I love Eddie Redmayne as Newt Scamander. He has made me even more proud of being a Hufflepuff! #puffpride

Happy reading,

Loes M.

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