New August releases

Stuck on what to read? Check out some new releases from August 2023!

Marvin and Me How a Girl and a Mouse Beat Anxiety Together

“Marvin and Me: How a Girl and a Mouse Beat Anxiety Together” seeks to help young children who are exhibiting signs of anxiety disorders. Pippa is a young girl struggling with intrusive and unpleasant thoughts. “What if my brother falls off his bike?” “What if Mom didn’t turn the stove off?” She seeks help from her beloved grandmother, who devises a clever scheme to help her master her anxiety by imagining her scary thoughts are a little mouse named Marvin.

Veiled in Brick: A Sworn Off Relationships Comedic Thriller Romance Novel

Zoey Sheffield knows what she likes. She’s a blunt woman. A woman who craves control. She doesn’t need love—the mere idea of romance is detestable and she does not need a man to stand by her side. The men have made Zoey’s life more complicated than she wished it to be, and she struggles to hold onto the reins to her own reality. However, there is more for Zoey that lurks in the shadows. The threat crouches in the distance, hides around corners, and awaits the most imperfect opportunity to present itself. It’s ready to snatch the reins from Zoey’s hands altogether.


Seventeen-year-old Alisha Howard is having a hard day. She’s had to rescue her headstrong little brother from getting eaten by a monster from another dimension, her mom has put her on dish duty as punishment for bringing her sword to the table (again), and her lifelong enemy, snarky rich girl Belladonna, is starting to look like both a real human being and someone Alisha would like to kiss. Oh, and to make matters worse, it looks like the world is about to end.

Marco, Pablo & Olivia

Marco, Pablo, and Olivia are starting their first day of school in the coastal region. With new teachers, new classmates, and new subjects to learn, they are ready to get started. However, Olivia’s excitement vanishes when she becomes the target of two tricky fifth graders who start teasing her. Olivia tries to ignore them, but they continue to bother her. How can Olivia get those mean fifth graders to leave her alone?

Jigsaw Puzzle in a Vortex: A Collection of Memoirs

Here are my stories of family, friends, sexual harassment, rape, and racism, including the state of my physical and mental health. These pieces were written over a period from 2008 to 2022. Telling my truth may help others regardless of race or gender, but particularly Black women, know you are not alone.

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